National Transport Commission website redesign

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The challenge

National Transport Commission (NTC) are a national statutory body leading transport reform across Australia. Their diverse audience ranges from Federal government stakeholders to truck drivers. The website is an important way for NTC to communicate transport reform, including model laws and guidelines.

NTC sought to restructure their website to better serve their stakeholders enhance the website’s overall functionality.

Our challenge was to simplify a website that was difficult to navigate with inaccessible content.


We started with a robust audit and analytics review of their website and associated functionality and digital channels.

Interviews and workshops with staff and stakeholders gave us an understanding of their specific needs and from this we developed the business and functional requirements.

This research enabled us to develop a focused and relevant information architecture, user interface (UI) wireframe specifications and new content. The functional specifications for desktop and mobile included a secure login, backend management of documents in CMS, contact us form, e-Newsletter and projects and submissions module. 

The IA and clickable prototype were validated through quantitative online and qualitative moderated usability testing with stakeholders.

The new content was co-developed with NTC to improve the site’s tone and language. Relevant keywords for each page were identified to optimise the content and improve SEO. We provided meta descriptions guidelines and undertook GatherContent training for key staff.

The titles tell me a lot, I can see I need to go to codes. That’s easy to understand. It looks easier [than the current site] and it’s quite clear.

Participant testing our wireframes


The new website has an information architecture that achieved an 85% overall task success rate when tested with users. The websites new UI design achieved 100% for learnability with 100% task success rates.

These high scores reflect improved findability of content. The new content is outcome focused, making it easier to engage with and comprehend. Complex topics are now communicated in a straightforward and easier to understand manner. 

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A+ score for
usability and

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